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GDPR Privacy Policy is the leading provider of high quality GDPR-compliant website documentation. We were formed in response to a growing demand from businesses, particularly small and medium sized businesses, for a high quality, cost-effective solution to ensure their website documentation was compliant with relevant law and legislation and to avoid the enormous potential fines of up to the higher of 20 million euros or 4% of turnover which the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduces.

We found…

We found that businesses were struggling to find a reliable alternative to cheap, non-compliant templates available on the internet which exposed them to the risk of fines (on the one hand) and (on the other) the cost of having a solicitor, lawyer or other legal professional prepare the documents for them, for which they received quotes of up to £2000 or more, prices they could neither afford nor justify.

Our Website GDPR Policy Solution

GDPR Privacy Policy has provided the solution to these issues of cost and reliability.

By having our document templates reviewed and approved by an independent UK solicitor, UK barrister and a US attorney, we have allowed our customers to obtain the same or better quality documents than any lawyer could provide but at the cost of an affordable legal template. With the fines going up to the higher of 20 million euros or 4% of turnover, businesses are now more concerned than ever to ensure that the documents they purchase for their website comply with relevant legislation and are frustrated at not being able to find reliable documents which are guaranteed to be GDPR compliant. GDPR Privacy Policy, with its market leading and professionally approved documentation, guarantees that the documents you purchase from us will comply with the GDPR.

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Businesses should not have to choose between an overpriced solution and one which is cheap but dangerous. It should be possible for businesses to have access to high quality legal documents for their website at an affordable price, with comprehensive guidance notes, which are instantly available for download via the internet. Choose GDPR Privacy Policy today.

Our Products

We provide two products:

Website documentation package

Our website documentation package consists of market leading, GDPR compliant, website terms of use (including a user content agreement), a privacy policy and a cookies policy.

Legal update platform

Our legal update platform provides access to a range of documents including the latest template documents, guidance, subject access request templates and much more, so that businesses can ensure their website is compliant with relevant legislation, all at an extremely affordable price of £30 + VAT per year (after the expiry of our 6 month free trial period).

Problems with existing website documentation and templates

Buying a non-compliant legal template is a disaster and a complete waste of money as it does not achieve the purpose for which you purchased it – ensuring that your website complies with the law and that your business is properly legally protected. What’s more, use of a non-compliant template can provide a false sense of security that you are compliant with relevant legislation when you are actually exposing yourself to the risk of massive fines from UK, EU and US legislation, and now, under the GDPR, fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of turnover, whichever is higher. With an ever-increasing number of laws and regulations affecting websites being passed every year, website owners need to be sure that the solution they are getting is actually legally compliant. Only GDPR Privacy Policy can guarantee that its documentation is fully GDPR-compliant.

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Here are just a few of the issues we have come across when reviewing third parties’ website documentation, all of which risk exposing your business to serious fines, damages or can massively reduce the value of your business:

  • The template has never actually been reviewed or approved by a qualified lawyer at any stage.
  • The template only complies with certain laws that affect a business but not others e.g. extra-territorial laws such as the Californian Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) which can impose fines of up to $2,500 per breach.
  • The template is overly complex and legalistic, breaching the requirement under Article 12 of the GDPR for a privacy policy to be “concise, transparent, intelligible” using “clear and plain language”.
  • The template or service they used to prepare their policies was either overpriced, incomplete, insufficiently certain to ensure legal enforceability and/or lacked sufficient legal protection for the website owner.
  • The documents did not fully set out acceptable uses of the website, failed to fully set out any practices in relation to the processing of personal data and/or are simply non-compliant with existing legislation under the Data Protection Act 1998 or new regulations introduced by the GDPR.
  • The documents were too vague and lacked transparency (a legal requirement of the GDPR) e.g. stating that your information may be passed on to “third parties” without stating who those third parties are and/or implying that you can pass information on to all third parties without your users’ consent, or stating that users’ information will not be passed on to any third parties and thereby limiting the circumstances in which you can legitimately pass on users’ information to third parties, potentially damaging the value of their business, particularly in the event that the business owner wishes to sell the business or work with business partners.
  • Information about cookies was buried somewhere in the privacy policy rather than being set out in a separate cookies policy document or all privacy policy related information is simply included somewhere in the terms and conditions, breaching the GDPR’s obligation to process personal data fairly and transparently.
  • They did not provide website owners with adequate (if any) information or guidance to allow the customer to tailor the documentation to their websites effectively or explain the reason why certain provision should or should not be included, including in respect of their use of cookies and their data processing activities.
  • They did not explain what actions the website owner needed to take in respect of your website itself e.g. in relation to whether or not you can place cookies on your users’ computers and when you need to obtain your users’ consent to process their data.

These are risks you simply cannot afford to take due to the massive financial penalties involved. Make the investment in yourself and your business today and make sure you get fully GDPR-compliant documentation for your website from GDPR Privacy Policy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the very highest quality website documentation available anywhere for instant download for your website at an affordable price, whether you be a small business or multinational corporation.

We bridge the gap between an expensive bespoke solution and an immediate quick-fix download, offering you state of the art documentation tailor made for compliance with the GDPR and all other applicable legislation, together with all the know-how, guidance, and concise practical advice you could otherwise only obtain from a data protection expert, all at an extremely affordable price. And with a subscription to our legal update platform at only £30 + VAT a year, you can ensure that never fall behind the curve and be kept up to date with all of the latest changes in law, updated documentation and access to a huge amount of additional subscriber content to equip you with the best knowledge and resources for compliance with the law of data protection.

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